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Saint at Large Voodoo Afterhours
Purgatorio, New York City
by Mark Thompson & Robert Doyle
October 24, 2009 Bookmark and Share

Drama, drama, drama: it must be All Hallow’s Eve.  What else could be expected from party invites with blood splatters and lockets of hair, voodoo dolls and pins, and hatchets and axes (to grind)?  Drama and more drama.  Such is the consequence of parties called Blood on the Dance Floor, and Purgatorio, and Do That Voodoo That You Do.  Must be a full moon, must be Mercury in retrograde—must be New York Fuckin’ City on Halloween.

Also called All Saints’ Eve, Halloween is the nightmare that every demon hopes will last all night long—and long into the next day.  Guess what, little devils—the Saint At Large has just the gory spectacle for you.  Think purgatory.  Think Dante’s Inferno and the nine circles of hell.  Think you were going to Roseland?  Ha, ha—fooled you.  Guess again.  We’re going to Purgatorio.  Deep into the bowels of Hellsea, where the founding ghouls of downtown’s most grisly crypt, the Box, have returned from the dead to create Purgatorio, a three-level, 15,000 square foot haunted hellhouse of interactive dark arts and sorcery.

What was once the morbid China Club has been completely overtaken by the undead—and the Saint at Large has secured this Purgatorio for its Sunday morning Halloween after-hours.  In the great and ghoulish tradition of this most sacrosanct of after-hours, New York’s true Prince of Darkness, DJ Junior Vasquez, will be joined by that sexy incubus, twilight’s latest heartstopping vampire, DJ Hector Fonseca.

Prepare to be immersed by the hypnotic darkness.  Star 69 recording star remixer/producer Fonseca has been prowling the night world for the past few years.  Once a wraithlike fashion model, Fonseca traded the catwalk for Beelzebub’s booth, where, under the tutelage of master vampire beatmeister, Peter Rauhofer, Fonseca created his signature “electribal” sound, a combination of electro, vocal, and tribal.  Voted Hottest Deejay by OUT magazine, Fonseca has headlined parties around the world, such as Circuit Festival in Barcelona, White Party Palm Springs, White Party Miami, and Prism Pride in Toronto.  Fonseca’s residencies include Parking in Montreal, Score in Miami, and Reflex in Los Angeles.  Working with fellow vampire, Alan T., Fonseca burned the track “U Want It” into a major nightcrawler hit. Ditto his remix of Suzanne Palmer's "Eye Can See U" from his recently-released New York Club Anthems, Volume 3.  And yes, you can expect his version of “Drama”—one of the sickest tracks from 2007.

As for the immortal Mr. Vasquez, expect the definitive after-hours, with his signature tweaking of every sound ever heard in the afterlife.  This is the man who learned his sorcerer’s magic from the legendary Larry Levan of the Garage—and used his black arts to twist music into the strange and beautiful.  After last year’s rousing success at the Saint At Large’s grand Halloween spectacular, Salem at Roseland, Vasquez promises to deliver the most thrilling soundtrack for a nightmare fantasyland.

Given that all this mayhem and madness is being orchestrated by the Saint at Large, consider yourself warned.  Winners of HX’s Best Special Event award, as well as EDGE’s Best Event Production award, the Saint At Large knows a little something about creating dynamic, erotic environments.  This is Times Square, after all—the original dark and damp heart of darkness.  Look for Lucifer in every corner—and bare your neck for the kiss of your life.

Halloween Weekend
Sunday, November 1, 2009
4:00 am until Sunday afternoon
268 West 47th Street
Music: Hector Fonseca & Junior Vasquez
Advance Tickets $45; $60 at the door

Notice from Saint-At-Large:  The change in venue and DJ lineup allows us to pass the savings on with a less expensive ticket price. Anyone seeking a refund please contact or call 212-674-8541. We want to express our gratitude to DJ Ana Paula for being so gracious and look forward to including her in one of our upcoming events.



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