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Halo Lounge and Click, Miami Beach, Fl
by Mark Thompson & Robert Doyle
July 19, 2008   photo-album Bookmark and Share

On an island born to party, populated by a tribe of Lost Boyz, is it any wonder that South Beach birthdays are celebrated like Mardi Gras?  A weeklong festival, one party after another, you slosh from one bar to the next, to the club and then to the after-hours—  And heaven help you if there’s more than one b’day boy—as there was this past weekend.  First it was Chad Richter, the new Chair of Winter Party Festival, and then it was Josh of  Back and forth, we bounced—as the two of them led their party posses through the thicket of South Beach nightlife.

There was the requisite (and swank) house party on Friday, with jaw-dropping views across the bay as a full moon lit the Miami skyline, and where DJ Sayho dropped the beats while the boyz clustered around Brazilian cream and strawberries—which led us into Saturday where we finally surfaced at Halo Lounge, just as the Miami Beach Bruthaz were celebrating with an Andrew Christian/Parke&Ronen fashion show, with fierce beats by DJ Daniel Kristopherre—and a b’day cake so decadent our teeth had a fall-out.  The place was packed!  From there, it was on to JetSet in Fort Ladida for Hilton Wolman’s Fireball, where DJ Abel was blowing up the place—and then on to Discotekka—or at least it was for some heathens—who weren’t seen again until Sunday afternoon for the Beach Blanket Collapse on 12th Street Beach—before moseying over to the Palace to get, in the words of b’day boy Chad, “more liquored up.”

From there, everyone took a quick fashion febreeze—before slamming into CLICK @ dek23, where the sparklers and the boyz were fashizzling and where the goodie bags were by Ed Hardy (spangly b’ball hats and inflatable pool balls—in PINK!)  DJ Kid Madonny was doing a solo seven-hour set, which kept showgirl Adora twirling down the catwalk—while the b’day boyz held court and guzzled vodka and champagne (Try it—you’ll like it!).  Everyone put in a cameo: there was Dale Stine and Flavio Nisti, and Edison Farrow, and Miami glam goddess Chyna, of course, as well as Michael Stanley on the door.  And Jason and Radim, and Eric and Jarrod, and a bevy of South American beauties—which was maybe one reason why everyone got increasingly frisky.  Last we heard, stumbling down Washington Avenue at three a.m., the whole hedonistic bunch of them was boarding the party bus and heading—who knows where?

Birthdays—if you got ‘em, you might as well celebrate ‘em.  As if this crowd needed another excuse to party…

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