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Photo Credit :: MRNY
Arts & Entertainment
Art Basel Miami Beach 2007
By Mark Thompson & Robert Doyle
December 7, 2007   photo-album 
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Reflect back upon that childhood fantasy of being locked overnight in a grocery store. There you were, free to roam and eat at your leisure, to stuff yourself, to gorge—all night long. Now, think of those aisles as being overloaded with contemporary art. For four days, Art Basel/Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center hosted a labyrinth of galleries from New York and San Francisco, London and Prague—filled with some of the most fascinating contemporary art imaginable. Shocked by so much beauty, you could be excused for feeling giddy, your knees wobbly, your head light. Stendhal syndrome threatened to become an epidemic. The air crackled with energy and the buzzy murmur of nearly consummated deals. You wandered where the eye led, following a trail of charcoal carpet into white plush carpeted galleries furnished with Tony Duquette bronze tables, and chairs by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen—all the better to showcase the work on the walls and plinths.

So much art, so much life—it was not unlike being under the protective canopy formed by a rainforest: art birthing from the ground up. Throbbing, breathing, living art. Art in a myriad media, such as Damien Hirst’s Typhoid: flies and resin. There was photography by Mapplethorpe and Peter Hujar, and an entire wall of Jack Pierson’s stimulating homoeroticism, and Robert Indiana’s slick sleek sculptures. There were watercolors by Puerto Rican Enoc Perez, as well as Henry Moore’s bronze rabbits and neon signage by Tracy Emin, and Richard Serra’s metal cubes.

And all that was but a smidgen of Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center—which spilled its bounty out onto Collins Park and 21st Street Beach where an homage to skate culture enlivened Miami nights, making everyone young again—proving Ponce de Leon right: the fountain of youth was here all along: to be found in art.